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Automatic WiFi Passwords Hacking with WiFite

Linux Kali has various options for auditing WiFi (WEP / WPA / WPA2) cracking passwords. This mainly with the Aircrack-NG suite. The WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) function on much older routers (pre 2013) is even easier to crack because this pin code consists of only 8 numeric characters and a signal is given when the first 4 digits are correct. After a maximum […]

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DNS – What do the different types of DNS records mean?

Sometimes I am a little surprised how many questions I get about DNS (Dynamic Name Server). What is especially difficult for many people is setting up DNS. DNS is the basis of the internet. Compare it with a phone book. In a telephone book you search for telephone numbers by a specific name. In DNS you search for IP addresses by a specific name. A name […]

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Hacking passwords, how do we do it?

There are many methods to hack devices, websites, services etc. These hacks are successful because they use an (unknown) weakness in the system or because a user makes a mistake such as phishing. There are of course several methods. Sometimes it goes so far that the hacker also becomes a thief of physical materials in order to gain access to data. But what if […]

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